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Custom Sheaths - Built By Gnomes


Custom Sheaths

Please note, We are not currently accepting any custom work at this time

We offer a variety of sheath styles that can also be custom made to many other knives. If you have a knife that is not in the shop or in the shopping catalog then it will need to be sent in to have a sheath designed for it.

We cannot and will not work off pictures, measurements, cut outs, etc.

Turn around time varies depending on our current work load but is typically 8-10 weeks on custom sheath orders. Please check out the gallery for some sample designs, looking through the catalog will also give you many ideas. We are also happy to look at your own original designs, We will not copy another makers work so please do not ask.


When inquiring about a custom build please give as much information about what you would like as possible Including:

  • The knife you have

  • Pictures and dimensions if it is a custom blade,

  • The sheath design you are interested in or pictures, drawings etc. if it will be a custom sheath

  • Left or Right handed

  • With or without a firesteel, pouches, and so forth

  • The colors you would like. Main Sheath colors that we currently do are Black, Light or Dark Brown, Chestnut and Mahogany. Stitching choices are Black, Brown or White, with several specialty colors including Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Once you have decided on a style and color options please email us with your information about your knife and sheath and we will respond with a quote for you and our shipping information to send your knife to. The shop stays extremely busy, we have 75-100 sheaths a week to build and having as much information as possible at the outset will help us to quickly give you an accurate quote. Please keep in mind that we receive literally hundreds of emails per week so we cannot be expected to remember the details of a knife that we discussed 6 weeks ago when you send an email saying " Hey Bob here, I want to do that sheath now..." Keeping the previous emails in your replies is very helpful.

When mailing your knife in, Please package it carefully making sure the edge is wrapped and include your name, return shipping information, your email and the sheath and color choices we discussed with your knife. We receive on average about 60 or so mailed in custom knives per month and this helps to make sure things stay sorted correctly without spending several hours trying to match emails to knives that were just thrown in a box and mailed to us with no identifying information.


"...Bah! Who knife this??? "



Here is an example of a good email to send:



"Hi Skystorm my name is Bob The-guy-who-knows-how-to-introduce-himself,


I have an Ontario RD9 and am interested in the Dual Carry style in black with red stitching, How much would it be and how long is the wait time?





This is perfect and will allow us to quickly give you a quote.



Here is an example of an email not to send:



"Hi, I have a knife and I want a sheath for it, how much is it?"



This happens amazingly often, tells us nothing at all and is likely to generate one of several standard Angry Gnome responses.



Greetings boogerpicker22day@ymail.com,


Thank you for your interest in a Skystorm sheath. Unfortunately at this time the magic crystal ball in the shop is broken so we won't be able to divine what kind, size, or shape your knife is or what kind of sheath you are looking to have built for it. Just guessing here but it will most likely be between ten and ten million dollars depending on if your after real bone inlays from a long dead chinese emperor. Please review our Custom Sheaths page and get back to us with details and we should be able to help you further.


Regards, Irritated Gnome#6 who just stopped building sheaths for everyone to answer your extraordinarily insightful email. P.S. - Gnome #4 wants to know if you really pick 22 boogers a day?


"...Yar! Less talk, More building! "